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Resolution You execute the following three keyword queries from your search center or a search box: Choice1 Choice2 Choice3 The following items, which are expected to get returned, will now correctly get returned in the search results: Item1Item4 and Item5 Item3Item5 and Item6 Similar problems and solutions Įveskite pasirinktinį kelią will face the same behavior when using a multi-value enabled choice type of site column but SharePoint automatically creates a managed property for your site column as described in the TechNet įveskite pasirinktinį kelią Automatically created managed properties in SharePoint Server Automatically created managed properties in SharePoint Server.

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These are the solution steps for a site column with e. Search for the managed property by entering MyChoiceSiteColumn and click on the retrieved MyChoiceSiteColumnOWSCHCM property to modify the configuration: You have to enable the options Searchable and Allow multiple values Finally save the new managed property with its configuration by clicking on OK Now start a full crawl or select to re-index your SharePoint site, list or library, which contains the multiple value enabled choice type of column, and wait for the scheduled start of the next continouos or incremental crawl or manually start an incremental crawl.

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